Why most public speakers are broke?

Because they don’t know how to sell! Yes, I said it!

If you think that being on that TEDx stage will bring you more invites to different stages and help you make consistent money you are totally wrong. Why? It’s not what you do but how you do it. Stage itself means nothing if you don’t know how to turn that into advantage and profitable business.

Most speakers are crafting their message so that one day they will end up on that stage in a small place where ever that is and so that they can say Hey, I was on that stage. So what? Who cares about the stage.. I want to hear your message. Do you need to be on a stage to share your message, not at all. We are living in a world of social media, all you have to do is to turn on your phone and record your message. 

But Milan, if I was on that stage more people will hear and see my message, it gives me leverage, it feels like it’s for chosen few

Who cares again? You can do paid ads on social media with your message and reach way more people than you would with that stage where you had to travel to get there, pay for a ticket and accommodation just to be seen.

You see, most speakers live in the world of illusion hoping that all it takes is to be on that stage and you should get tons of invites, paid gigs etc. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Speakers, you might not like what you are reading here…have to warn you. But the real question is do you want to be broke or a wealthy speaker? Do you want to be broke and known or rich and known? How about rich and relatively unknown? How about for a change actually making money with your ability to speak and use your voice the right way?

The main reason why most public speakers are broke is they don’t know how to sell

They don’t even feel need to learn how to sell. Milan, I just want to be on that stage and share my story. Hopefully, my story will touch lives of many and I will get more invites to share that story on more stages. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of speakers are called to speak on different stages and almost never again on the same stage which is just the way it is. The main reason for that is they know the business and how to sell.

But how Milan? Very simple… Build a business with your product and a service, build a story around it and share that story by offering product and a service. For this, you will need to learn how to sell. Whether is a small board room with 5 people or a massive venue with thousands, the process is the same. Your story is there to inspire but also to make you profit. If you have a product or a service that can change people’s lives why not learn how to use your voice and sell it.
But Milan, I am not a salesman. I am passionate about speaking and all I want is just to travel the world, get invited to different stages and make money like that. Yes, there are people like that but guess what, the reason why they are invited to those stages is because there is a business behind them. There is a strategically created funnel at the back end.

Stage is just for exposure for a face of the business

Guess what, pandemic hit the world hard. Where are those stage speakers now? Online! Are they making money, not really. Why? Because conferences are struggling, everything is online. However, if you had a product or a service prior to pandemic you would know how to positions yourself and promote that product or a service the right way. Boils down to selling again.
But Milan, I hate selling. I just want to share my story and inspire people you might say. Isn’t that a way of selling??? The better your story, more people will be able to hear it and would want more from you? Aren’t you just trying to sell your story to the world the best possible way?

Selling is everywhere

Did you finally get it? Selling is everywhere. When a mother is trying to convince the little kid to eat broccoli and kid refuses, mother is using tricks by telling kid a story why. Great convincing mom! Every time we have a conversation, argument we selling our opinion to the other party. The question is how good are we, or how bad are we. You see there are people who are so great at selling the ideas, ideology that they can move the entire nations. They are called politicians. How about a speaker with a powerful story with thousands of people loving it and wanting more. How about building a business around it and offer a product or a service that can change people’s lives… and charge for that?

The reasons why most speakers are broke is they don’t have a product, service nor business around them and they don’t know how to sell themselves to the public. All they have is a story. Unfortunately, the story is not enough anymore. In the world of so much noise and social media, if you don’t have a business around your story you will very soon get swamped by someone who is in public more than you and who can afford to advertise more that you. Eventually you just become a memory. Competition is constant and understanding the need to be present in the public eye with your message becomes a necessity. The real question is do you want to build a multimillion dollar business with you voice or would you rather be a broke speaker. The choice is yours.

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